Bottorff Construction was founded in 1982 by Mark Bottorff. The company was focused on residential foundations, sidewalks and driveway replacements. The second year in business, Bottorff performed the concrete package for a new McDonalds restaurant here in Atchison. As the company developed a reputation for hard work, customer satisfaction, quality, and the ability to meet schedules, the size of the company began growing rapidly.

By the late 80’s, although still working the residential market, Bottorff was also on many light commercial jobs. Bottorff offered complete foundation/flatwork packages as well as site work.

In the 90s, Bottorff began traveling across Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska for agricultural work such as grain bin foundations, hopper bottoms and receiving pits for the local elevators. As this market seemed to slow in 1999, Bottorff Construction purchased a Somero 240 laser screed, offered laser guided grading on a Cat D4 and were taking on large flatwork projects, mainly in the Kansas City area.

In late 2002, a devastating fire took Bottorff’s warehouse and a large portion of construction equipment. There was rebuilding, repurchasing, and pulling together as one and the historical growth trend Mark created over the previous 20 years continued.

In May of 2006, Mark’s son Justin Bottorff graduated from Kansas State University and joined the staff. Later in 2009 his daughter Jordan, also a graduate of K-State, came on board.

After the attack of September 11th when the economy slowed, the agricultural market slowly began to pick back up. With the previous agriculture experience, Bottorff found themselves traveling once again, chasing the agricultural market across the 3 state areas. With Mark Bottorff having hours of experience as a pilot, this seemed to fit better than before.

In December of 2012, Bottorff recognized 30 great years of being in business; Mark‘s passing came shortly thereafter.

Today, Bottorff Construction, a second generation company continues to operate with over 50 employees, some of which have been here for 25 years. As the growth continues, so does the strong commitment to quality and customer service.