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  • Laying Flat & Building Tall

    Concrete Construction with Concrete Results

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A second-generation, family-owned construction company performing complete concrete packages throughout NE Kansas and the greater Kansas City region. Specializing in concrete construction since its founding, Bottorff Construction has the team with the extensive experience to see any project through.

If it can be done with concrete, WE CAN DO IT.


Bottorff Construction is a concrete contractor that developed it’s reputation for hard-work, top-quality, and superior customer service through many years of dedication to the industry and the lasting commitment to it's customers. The company’s trademark tan trucks are found on a variety jobsites where top quality products and deadlines matter. Laying it flat or building it tall, Bottorff Construction provides the distinct advantage that each jobsite and customer deserve.

Work & Services

  • Complete Concrete Packages
  • Flat & SuperFlat Work
  • Wall Systems
  • Structural
  • All-Sitework
  • Place & Finish Service
  • Laser Screed Service
  • Telebelt Service


  • Flat

  • Tilt Walls

  • Structural

  • Walls

  • Paving

  • Place & Finish

  • Laser Screed


  Quality you Expect.


   Integrity you Deserve.   


   Experience you Need.